SSH Pentesting Guide | Content Bounty


This bounty has already been partially fulfilled here. Any submissions should build upon this content.

Content – We’re looking for a comprehensive SSH pentesting guide. Further details can be found in the requirements section. Full credit will be given to the author.

Max Number of Submissions to be Accepted – 2

Minimum Payout – $25

Additional Discretionary Payout – $40

Payment Method – Paypal


  • Must account for a range of levels of SSH sercurity.
  • Must show the usage of at least 3 tools for minimum credit.
  • Screenshots showing key stages must be included.
  • Should showcase both a generic password guessing approach and usage of one or more exploits. May explore fuzzing and exploit development for additional discretionary payout.
  • Additional technical depth with respect to how common attacks work (and their flaws + countermeasures) is appreciated.
  • All submissions should be emailed to ‘[email protected]’ in .docx format.
  • Submissions may include the name of the contributor to be credited along with a link to their site or social media.

For faster payment in the event of your submission being accepted, you may include your paypal email in the submission email.

This post will be removed when we are no longer accepting submissions.

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