Firefox Plugins for OSINT

firefox plugins for osint

The following list of plugins has been created in order to assist with or speed up the process of Open Source Intelligence Gathering. This list will be added to over time.

Firefox Plugins for OSINT

Exif Viewer

Read Image metadata rapidly on the fly.


Generate screenshots of partial or entire web pages.

Image Search Options

Revese Image Searching.

HTTPS Everywhere

Forces every connection through firefox to be encrypted.


Automatically copy all the links on a page to the clipboard, removing all duplicates.

OSINT Browser Extension

An index of useful OSINT tools and resources.

uBlock Origin

Block undesired scripts from executing.

Bulk Media Downloader

Download bulk images, videos, gifs ect automatically.


View API JSON and XML results properly in a browser.

User Agent Switcher

Emulate various browser types and versions.

Google Translator

Rapid language translation through a right click.

Ressurect Pages

Historical Search of deleted websites.


Alternative screen capture for large web pages.


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